Penn State MorningStar Solar Decathlon

What is unique about the Energy Dashboard?

  • Uses an low amount of power
  • Web portal allows users access to historical data for building reports
  • Specific to task of monitoring energy use means low cost of product
  • Can be produced with RoHS components
  • Accessible and easy to use interface
  • Faceplate is aesthetically pleasing and customizable look & feel to match appliances

Why Build The Energy Dashboard?

  • MorningStar Home needs good energy balance to win the Solar Decathlon
  • Make occupants aware of energy usage instantaneous, not at the end of the month on their power bill
  • Drive occupants to trying to achieve a net positive energy balance to make money back on their investment
  • It was a unique and interesting challenge to the team

Block Diagram:

Andrew Cassell      Ryan Paul      Teofil Rus         Vinay Thakker